IMG 4256During first edition of Packaging Innovations Fair "What message does your packaging carry? New communication and market challenges taken on by packaging" Etigraf company has created a unique atmosphere, fostering the connection between worlds of science and business.

We focused on the most difficult issues, that showed to be great challenges to many of the brand owners: starting from the brand and packaging image to consumer engagement into brand building.

Designed by Sam Gensburg United StatesBeer packages don’t have to represent the standard connotations with brewing industry, origin, nature or local tradition...
We present the most innovative and inspiring projects going far beyond projects that we usually see on Polish shelves that can be distinguished by their idea, design, different shapes, unusual embossments, specific colours that make the brand stand out from other brands.


PiknikOn Saturday, the 19th of September 2015, our company participated in the Integration Family Picnic 'Farewell to Summer' organized by the Board of New Glinnik Estates.
The idea of Picnic was to integrate the local community through common fun and taking part in many competitions and shows.


 FachPack 2On 29.09 -01.10.2015 in Nuremberg took place packaging international trade fair FACH PACK 2015, where 1500 exhibitors presented innovative solutions, in particular from the scope of ‘Marking and labeling’ - first used leading topic of the fair.


Iberis 4

Mineral water doesn’t always be packed in similar, plastic, boring bottles with excise stamps and label giving no brand identification… Modern innovative projects could delight with unusual shape for this category, minimized refined design and can posses exclusive limited packing…




Colour is an important factor in swaying a potential clients decision and making
him aware of a certain brand. It can persuade to purchase, communicate a value
and the brand character; or scare away or not give off the correct information.
The interpretation and meaning determines the culture and language:
black is not always for mourning and white for purity.

World trends in packaging show us that even in traditional products such as
olive oil, are looking for new designs and veer off the standard forms, colours,
shapes, relating to perfume bottles, all to draw the attention of the consumer
and to create a unique brand.

Even a simple product such as an egg, can be packed in an usual package, making
the egg stand out on the shelf, intriguing and drawing the consumer and making
the product stand out in front of the competition. Below we will show the most
interesting ideas that are currently being looked at, which could be excellent
inspirations for egg producers who are considering new packaging and want to
shock and awe their clients, eg. During Easter.

Marsala, otherwise known as dirty maroon, has been declared by Pantone as the
colour for 2015. Going shopping, it is worthwhile to have a look at products in this
shade. Marsala is an earthly tone of red. “The colour awakens the spirit, mind and
soul – it gives off confidence and stability” explains Leatrice Eiseman, director at
the Pantone institute. Speciailists are saying that the colour will be vividly seen in
the coming season, relating to Italian wines.

With the colder months upon us, certain products start gaining more interest
from consumers. One of these products is honey, which always has an increase
in sales in the Autumn months. We have had a look at the product at the
packaging level and consider it one of the most desired and useful natural product.