The development of your and our business

The company is primarily people – a living organism that works because all its elements are organized and each has a specific function to fulfill.

„Our mission is to support our clients’ business by providing products that meet their needs.
Printing is an alchemy of fantasy, imagination, creativity, and the latest achievements of technology and science. Our advantage is decided by professionalism – human knowledge, supported by experience and practice, precision, and speed of action. We are up to date with all the news in the field of printing and current trends.”

Anita Czarniecka, Chairman of the Board

“I like challenges, which is why I am responsible for the development of our printing house, and thus for providing comprehensive services, I am interested in all novelties in the field of packaging and labels and how to implement them, to pass this knowledge to you, functioning of our printing house in many industries. “

Iwona Studzińska, Development Director

Professional service Etigraf are employees who work for their clients. When looking for a business partner in the field of self-adhesive label printing, you will go to the Sales Department. It is here, after determining the details, that your label will start life in our printing house.

“Together with my team, we take care of getting you, as soon as possible, the best offer with label solutions at the most optimal prices, and we will give you support and advice at every stage of work on the implementation of the label solution. only knowledge and experience, but also curiosity in getting to know your real needs and striving to develop a dedicated offer especially for you. We are always looking for the best label solutions that additionally distinguish and sell your product.

Your order goes to a specific, selected person from our department, who watches over its proper course and is in constant contact with you.
Thanks to multilingual trade specialists, we also operate abroad, which translates into a knowledge of key development trends in the field of packaging solutions ahead of time.”

Renata Marczak, Head of Commercial Department  | M. +48 508 597 066


Production process

The Production Department is the place where we set the time of your order, which is responsible for the quality of the print, confection and checks the technological possibilities. This department includes, among others technologist, graphic designers team preparing DTP files and Quality Control. We make sure that the final product meets all your expectations.

In our printing house, I supervise, among others, the work of a team of printers, helpers and cutters.The printing process is an art, because it is the knowledge and production experience that gives a significant advantage in the search for effective label solutions for customers. The flexography used by us is a very interesting method of printing because it allows for technological experiments We often test new raw materials or test prints of label innovations Knowledge acquired during experiments during technological tests is invaluable and impossible to obtain anywhere else. you will benefit from this knowledge and experience by printing your labels at Etigraf.

Łukasz Merk, Production Manager

Joasia Stachurska

Technological Consulting and

“At Etigraf, I am responsible for the selection of raw materials and technologies for individual projects. ‘I strip the labels with my eyes’ and analyze each label in terms of the possibilities to achieve the planned visual effect.

Are you looking for innovation? Do you want to highlight your product on the shelf? – I invite you to contact me, even if you do not have a graphic design yet. I will prepare for you samples of raw materials and label templates that you can test, and which will inspire you and your graphics.

I am responsible too for the quality control of labels and I supervise the correct implementation of procedures resulting from the ISO 9001 and FSC® certification. We work with the best European suppliers whose print substrates, paints, varnishes, and refinements have declarations of conformity with European standards We guarantee the safety of our products and the highest quality. We issue the required declarations at the customer’s request.

Joanna Stachurska, Print Technologist

Graphic and DTP

“My task is to verify the correctness of the graphic design label DTP. A well-designed and printed label sells the product. With the support of Joanna and Łukasz, I can prepare several proposals for the composition of the same project graphic – as in the label template of our printing house. I invite you to our studio of the label charmers.”

Mateusz Życiński, Graphic Designer


The Logistics Department is a place that takes over your labels from the production department and at the agreed time, sends them to the place indicated by you.

“With all my team, we care about the right packaging of labels, timeliness, and continuity of deliveries. Thanks to our work, you receive labels in the shortest possible time. We provide the best protection of labels in shipments to reach you in the same condition as they were given in our printing house .”

Michał Pietrzyk, Warehouse Manager

Marketing coordination

“With our knowledge and experience, we support the marketing of our clients. With a view to your development needs, we launched a series of workshops and training workshops on Label Innovations (

This is a place for direct exchange of knowledge and experience between you and experts, specialists. When planning the subject of the next issue of the conference, we take into account the current needs of our clients, discuss difficult topics and seek answers and the best solutions.

Our role is to identify valuable sources of knowledge and inspire development activities. Label Innovations is a unique pro-development event in the packaging industry in Poland. We are proud that many of the solutions developed during the conference found their place in your business.”

Aleksandra Czarniecka, Marketing Specialist

Renata Swarbuła

Financial control of your orders

“I am responsible for order processing, invoicing as well as financial and accounting documentation, I always provide help and knowledge in the field of finance and accounting.”

Renata Swarbuła, Finance Specialist

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