The peel-off label is a multi-page labelmade of PP foil, for multiple
folding and re-gluing.
It is an ideal solution for packaging where a relatively small surface area
requires a large amount of text.
Provides additional printing space fordetailed instructions on how to use the product (e. g. in pharmacy), for multilingual versions, product composition, etc. They are an ideal solution for companies that use the back label as a marketing content carrier and can place legally required descriptions on the inside pages of the label.

The peeloff label is also a perfect solution for promotional campaigns.
Internal label pages are an ideal for a description of promotion rules, promotional codes, etc. , when the first page of the label carries information.
The campaign, such as the introduction of promotion or basic product information, attracts the consumer’s attention at the shelf and generates interest in the promotional campaign.

Purposes for industries :

  • food
  • cosmetic
  • chemical
  • automotive
  • pharmaceutical