For companies in the food industry, we have special labels for cardboard, glass, and plastic packaging. These are self-adhesive stickers that mark products. They may include, for example, a bar code, composition, name, and manufacturer’s data. We make prints for individual orders, so each client can send us special guidelines to prepare prints with their logo and other important information.

We offer a variety of paper and foil materials to choose from. Each of them has different properties and provides different durability and resistance to external factors. For example, beer labels should be made of raw materials that prevent soaking and peeling at low temperatures. Bottles with this drink are often stored in refrigerators, so they come into contact with moisture. We also recommend stickers with these properties for wines stored in cellars and special cold stores. Cool air and condensation affect the condition of the packaging, therefore the label for this alcohol must be resistant to harsh storage conditions.

Labels for Honey Jars

Our food labels are suitable e.g. honey jars. They are approved for contact with food, so they guarantee safety. In stores, this bee product is traditionally sold in glass packaging, on which it is best to use classic paper stickers. It can also be found in plastic bottles, for which you can also order personalized sheets with any text or barcode. We invite you to cooperate with us if you are interested in a honey label according to your design with your logo. We carry out all orders on time and with full commitment. We offer help in choosing the best solutions. Thanks to the high-quality printing, the prints maintain appropriate sharpness and legibility.

The Highest Quality of Labels for Food Products

The offered labels for food products are a great opportunity to distinguish the assortment on the store shelf. They are both a carrier of information for the customer and an attractive element that attracts attention. Colorful, aesthetic packaging is primarily a source of knowledge about the composition and properties of food. However, they are also important in the context of marketing. You can put an advertising slogan, graphics, or a recognizable logo on the bottle or carton containing the product, which will result in better sales. Product labels are an opportunity to improve sales results at a low cost. Printing them is cheap and the results can exceed expectations.

We would like to recommend you to check our offer and choose professional stickers on which you can find any text compatible with your project. If you have any questions, we are at your disposal. We are happy to tell you about the available assortment and help you make a decision. In the case of a product such as, for example, honey, the label is informative and aesthetic. On another packaging, it can, for example, act as an advertising leaflet, presenting other variants of a given product or its application.