Cosmetics are chemical substances intended to come into direct contact with human skin, therefore appropriate labels for cosmetics are required. The manufacturer must provide the name, exact composition, expiry date, capacity, and company information on it. It should also briefly describe the intended use and operation of the product. As a result, the customer can choose a cream, shampoo, or toothpaste that meets the expectations and individual needs.

Due to the high competition in this industry and the need to stand out among well-known brands belonging to large corporations, cosmetic labels should have an attractive appearance. This will allow you to easily and effectively display the cosmetics of a given manufacturer on a store shelf. The offer presented on the website is fully adapted to the diverse needs of companies from this sector. We have extensive experience in the implementation of orders, and the commitment of employees means that customers can count on the best care. Our offer includes a wide range of labels:

  • heat-shrinkable,
  • thermal,
  • thermal transfer.

We use only the best-specialized materials from proven manufacturers, so we guarantee high quality.

Professional Labels For Cosmetics

On the cosmetic labels offered by our company, we can print the text, barcode, logo, and other information that should be there. Manufacturers can choose models with specific parameters. It should be remembered that they should be resistant to water and greasy substances. Thanks to this, even if the packaging falls into the bathtub or when tanning oil spills on it, all important information will still be visible. Customers also value high quality in the case of product stickers. Therefore, the task of properly designed labels for cosmetics is to improve the brand image and encourage people to buy the products labeled with it again. You can order the implementation of your project from us. We will prepare an offer that meets your expectations 100%. Please contact our service department to arrange the details.

The Right Cosmetic Labels To Sell Your Product!

The labels for cosmetics offered by us are characterized by aesthetics and high durability. As a manufacturer, we make sure that they provide the best possible form of product presentation while maintaining the appropriate technical parameters. We perfectly understand that customers buying cosmetic preparations carefully analyze their composition, which is why we guarantee high-quality printing that is legible even with a very small font. We carry out both minimalistic projects as well as multicolored and multi-element prints.

We choose the material in consultation with the customer, depending on what the product packaging is made of. We take into account its expected durability and resistance to external conditions. To extend the service life, we use thermal transfer sheets. Thermal products are cheaper than synthetic ones, but they lose their properties much faster. We encourage you to contact us by e-mail and telephone. We will be happy to help you choose the best labels for cosmetics tailored to your product offer.