Contact us to order self-adhesive thermal labels that will work in many industries. Both companies operating in the food sector, as well as cosmetics producers and warehouses, use them to label packages. Thanks to them, it is possible to organize work much better, e.g. easier ordering and shipping of goods to customers. They are resistant to moisture and changing temperature, so they are perfect for wrapping products intended for transport. In the process of their manufacture, we use specialized paper with a thermoactive layer. Due to the heat emitted by the print head, it turns black. It is a product with a wide range of applications, available in many sizes tailored to the customer’s needs. A self-adhesive thermal transfer label requires the use of specialized tracing paper. The following tapes may be used for its printing:

  • wax,
  • wax-resin,
  • resinous.

It guarantees high durability of the print, therefore such a sticker is recommended wherever it is necessary to keep the information contained on it unchanged, regardless of external conditions (e.g. strong solar radiation).

A Large Selection Of Thermal And Thermal Transfer Labels With Your Print

Our company offers the highest quality thermal transfer labels. This product is intended for barcode printing. The use of paper extends their durability compared to classic thermal products by 1-2 years, while the use of foil (synthetic material) guarantees that the information placed on it will be visible even after several years. They are the most durable products in this category – resistant to moisture and dirt. They are chosen primarily by enterprises offering industrial components or household appliances.

On the other hand, we recommend the purchase of thermal labels intended for products with a short expiry date to producers of fresh food and assortment that will be bought and used in a short time. We invite you to contact our advisors. We are happy to advise you on choosing the right type of printing tailored to a specific product offer. We also have an offer for companies that use irregularly shaped packaging, e.g. bottles and containers for drinks and cosmetics. These are heat-shrinkable labels that, when heated, shrink perfectly to fit the surface.

The Offer Of Thermal And Thermal Transfer Labels Tailored To The Needs Of Customers

Our long experience and commitment to orders for each client make our offer flexible and fully adapted to the diverse needs of enterprises in each industry. In our store you can find a wide range of labels:

  • thermal,
  • thermal transfer,
  • heat-shrinkable.

Thanks to this, manufacturers can choose stickers with the expected parameters – long life, resistance to dirt, or flooding. We only use specialized materials. Thermal paper comes from proven sources, so we can guarantee high quality and the best parameters. We can print barcodes, logos, text, and any other information on labels used to mark packages.