Offset printing is a technique called flat printing, which means that the individual elements of the aluminum offset matrix are on the same level. This printing uses the phenomenon of mutual repulsion of non-printing and printing factors.

The advantages of this technology include the realization of prints relatively cheaply and quickly. Especially with a large number of prints. Offset printing allows us to use a wide range of printing papers in terms of basis weight and types. However, it is often limited to four-color (CMYK) printing. If we want to refine our label with varnish, foil, or gilding, this process takes place on a separate line, which may slightly extend the lead time.

What is offset printing for?

Offset printing is a widely used commercial printing technique that produces consistent and high-quality printed materials. Typically, this printing technique is used for quantities of 1000 and more.

Here you can see how offset printing works, step by step:

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