With this method of digital label printing, for sure you will save both time and budget. How? Digital label printing allows you to make changes to your label design with little or no extra cost. It is ideal for prototypes or small series as it allows customers to customize and test labels as their products develop. If you are thinking about a new project and don`t want to order a huge quantity, choose digital label print.


The biggest advantage of digital label printing is “here and now” because we have the ability to print low-cost series in a short time, without incurring high costs of matrices. We are able to print various, variable data, texts, graphics, numbering, data personalization on each label. Everything just in one print. The amount of variable information depends only on your imagination and needs.


 However, if you are planning to print medium and high print runs, this method is not for you. Digital label printing also limits the use of special inks because special colors are easier to print analog than digital. In traditional methods, printers can create their own colors by mixing selected inks in specific proportions. The necessity of the thermal process of fixing the print causes specific requirements for the substrates, which in turn narrows the scope of their application.

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