Selected projects

Labels designed for PHENIX, automotive chemical producer (design and printing)

Phenix, automotive chemical producer, decided to reposition its range of products under the Phenix brand. Phenix represents high quality mid-range products, whose competitive price distinguishes it from other, similar brands. The graphic design on a previous label was not compatible with the products’ value for price.

In order to enhance brand identity and affect product perception, we created a graphic design based on a coherent and distinctive visual brand identification system, which was used on all containers as a branding technique. The label attracts attention to both the name of the product and its logo and it features an attractive photo, which clearly specifies the intended use of the product.

Printing: flexographic, using UV inks, 6 colors
Material: semi-gloss paper
Additional enhancing: UV varnish



Labels designed for a new brand of mushrooms, EUROFUNGI (design and printing)

The majority of labels applied to mushroom products available in the market is technical: the labels contain very simple, basic information about the producers and do not focus on visual elements, such as a logo, which could differentiate a given brand, support branding and enhance brand identity.

For a new brand of mushrooms, which have been recently introduced to the market, we wanted to create an attractive and distinctive label which, apart from enhancing product perception, is to promote nutritional values of mushrooms, little known to the consumers, and build a true, quality brand of mushrooms.

Printing: flexographic, using UV inks and 6 colors
Material: thermal paper
No additional enhancing.



Labels designed for “Sękacz Królewski“ (strategic brand concept, design and printing)

“Secpol”, a company from Marki near Warsaw, decided to change its product packaging under the “Sękacz Królewski” brand (“Kings Sękacz”). This exceptional and tasty cake is prepared according to the traditional recipe and made from natural ingredients. It is produced in various forms and enhanced with glazes as well as other extra ingredients. However, the previous labels did not reflect the quality of the brand.

We proposed a new branding concept with a label reflecting the premium-brand quality of the product, which represents the greatest tradition in a modern form.

Printing: flexographic, using UV low migration inks and 7 colors
Material: flow-pack film
Additional enhancing: laminate