Thermal-transfer ribbons (TTR)

Thermal-transfer ribbons (TTR) are used for thermal-transfer label printing and work with the following types of printers: ZEBRA, CAB, CITIZEN, SATO, etc. High-quality materials used in the production of ribbons, as well as an adequate choice of a ribbon and its compatibility with a label, guarantee reliability and satisfaction.

Our company offers the following types of TTRs:
- wax ribbons – designed for usage with vellum and semi-gloss labels resistant to abrasion
- wax-resin ribbons – designed for usage with low-absorbing label materials, such as UV coated paper or PP and PVC films, which combine high-quality and high-speed printing and are resistant to temperature, abrasion and dampness.
- resin ribbons – designed for usage with films, PET materials, synthetic paper resistant to solvents, staining and abrasion.
- textile ribbons – designed for printing on textile labels resistant to abrasion (even at very high temperatures), such as nylon, polyester, satin and acetate fiber.
- hot-stamping application ribbons
We offer ribbons in a wide variety of colors and individually tailored sizes (width and length of a roll), compatible with near-edge and flat print-heads.

Self-adhesive packaging tape

Tapes used for securing packages and parcels, which help develop brand identity through additional imprint (eg. logo, brand name etc.).

Profits for clients:
1. FREE design.
2. Order delivery date: about 14 days.
3. High-quality tape and workmanship.
We offer a 6 color tape imprint in both the standard size (48 mm x 60 m) and nonstandard, customer-specified sizes.

An adhesive is chosen according to the client’s needs, depending on the conditions a tape will have to endure: hot-melt, solvent or others (silent, freezer, acrylic, PVC).