Before embarking on a promotional campaign of a given product, it is necessary to choose the proper tools for a successful customer communication.

Although there are numerous alternatives of keeping the customer informed about the new products, nothing can replace the in-store direct communication via packaging.
Nonstandard labels, manufactured at our company, offer original and new solutions (booklet labels, single-use sachet materials, leaflets, sheets, back-side printing) which enable our clients to: distinguish their products on a store shelf, convey more information about the new ingredients, underscore the exceptional value of their offer and enhance brand identity.
If frequently used in promotional campaigns, the combination of nonstandard products with either the high quality print in standard CMYK and Pantone color models or fluorescent paints and holographic films enables brands to differentiate their products and boost sales.

Peel-off label


A peel-off label is a four-page booklet, made of PP film, which can be opened and re-sealed together multiple times. It is designed for products with a relatively small label area, which need to include a great amount of information. It provides additional printing space for detailed instructions (e.g. in pharmacy), multi-lingual texts, list of ingredients, etc. This type of label is a perfect solution for companies which use back labels as a content marketing vehicle, since they can include all the mandatory information inside the peel-off.

A peel-off label is also a perfect solution when it comes to promotional campaigns. While the front of a label informs about a special offer, provides basic information about a product, attracts consumer’s attention at the store shelf and generates interest, the inner pages are ideal for providing additional information about the terms and conditions, discount coupons, etc.

Two-sided label


Two-sided label enables brands to print certain information on the adhesive side, leaving the front for branding and brand identity design.
Thanks to the transparency of packaging, the information included on the back side of a label can be easily read.
Two-sided labels can be applied to all kinds of cosmetic products, which are transparent (shampoo, conditioner, bath foam, body wash, liquid soap, etc.). 

Labels with deactivated adhesive (MemoLabels)

A memo label can be applied to all sorts of surfaces and removed without leaving any adhesive residue.
Advertising stickers in magazines are becoming an increasingly popular form of product promotion.
They are ideally suited for the attachment of a ‘free gift’ to the products included in the special offer, as they emphasize its presence through the graphic design. The sticker can be easily applied to an unlimited number of containers, which gives a lot of freedom and flexibility in promotion, even on a limited budget.
It can be especially useful for companies in which the life-span of a label must be guaranteed only during the in-company transport and labeling process. It works well with products from which a label has to be peeled off by a consumer, without leaving any adhesive residue (e.g. windows, mirrors, household appliances and audio/video devices).

Sachet laminates

Sachet laminates are used to form sachets for powders and liquids. They are used in the promotion of new products (in the form of ‘free gifts’) as well as in regular retail sale.

They are frequently used in the cosmetics industry (sachets for creams, shampoos, conditioners, body lotions, etc.) and food industry (sachets for dressings, mayonnaise, ketchup, etc.)

Two-, three-, four-, and five-layer laminates which differ in GSM and heat seal strength, consisting of polyethylene, aluminum and polyester layers, are used in the production of sachets.